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So why the blog.......

When my child started out on their football journey my only expectation's were them having the opportunity to make some new friends and to hopefully fall in love with the sport I adore.

It quickly became evident that both coaches and parents alike believed that my child had some 'natural ability'. Over time the positive comments increased but as a parent what are we supposed to do with that information? Do we simply let it all play out or do we seek to nurture it? If we chose the latter then how is this achieved without going over the top?

Over the years I have interacted with numerous professional club scouts & coaches, I have watched my child attend various trial processes (to mixed levels of success) and travelled the length of country to attend academy matches.

Throughout their journey I have witnessed my child being involved in some unbelievable experiences but have also seen them have to deal with the unpleasant side of a system continuously seeking to source the best talent.

This blog has been created to not only provide a clearer understanding of the various stages within an academy environment but to also identify the many up's and down's which will inevitably come along the way........ 

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